Taking Aim by Eva Shockey


Taking Aim by Eva Shockey

Releases August 29, 2017


Hunting is often misunderstood—and never more than when it’s a woman wearing the camo. But in her new book, Taking Aim, Eva Shockey is out to set the record straight. The accomplished sportswoman and TV star takes on the stereotypes that hunting is a man’s game and that hunters don’t care deeply about conservation. In the process, she delivers down-to-earth inspiration for any woman or girl who has felt pressured to walk away from her dreams.

Taking Aim is Eva’s memoir of adventure, skill, healthy living, and finding one’s true life calling. In the book, Eva describes many aspects of hunting that fuel her passion for the sport. She takes readers warthog hunting in South Africa, hunting caribou by ATV on the Aleutian Islands, and tracking a 1,500-pound bull moose through the mountains of the Yukon (the moose meat was later served at her wedding). Along the way, she shares stories from hunting camps, close brushes with death, lessons learned, and some great ideas on how to stay connected with nature for a healthier, happier life.




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