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The Eva Shockey Gen 3 Bow is FIRE, y’all!
I designed this bow alongside Bowtech with YOU in mind! 

It’s the top women’s bow on the market and includes the same bells and whistles of the top-of-the-line men’s bow, butttt made for the aspiring outdoorswoman. 

It comes in four different color options andddd, is equipped with DeadLock Technologies, the quickest and simplest way to achieve perfect arrow flight and repeatable accuracy.

Shooting my bow is one of my favorite outdoor activities - I DARE you to join me! 


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Speaking of those bells and whistles, we all know that a bow wouldn’t be what it is without its accessories, amiright?! My go-to’s are: 

bowsight | black gold

As a bowhunter, you want a bowsight that performs when it needs to and that can take a beating when it has to. That’s what a Black Gold bowsight is all about. Brighter pins than any other bowhunting sight. Pin durability that no other archery sight can match. Innovation that other bow sights don’t have. Adjustability that every bowhunter would love. And a guarantee that itself lets you know just how tough a Black Gold bowsight must be.So whether you are going on a hunt of a lifetime, shooting in your backyard, or on the world archery stage you can count on Black Gold Sights!

quiver | TightSpot

Tightspot is the ultimate bowhunter's quiver, giving any archer big advantages! All TightSpot models provide better bow balance, thanks to TightSpot's patented 3-way adjustment system that essentially allows your quiver to act as a stabilizer. They also kill vibration and noise five different ways and feature acoustic dampening material in the hood and vibration absorbing carbon rods. The quivers feature TightSpot's patented BullDog™ Arrow Grippers that are individually adjustable and offer 20 times the gripping power of other quivers.

arrow rest | ripcord

Ripcord’s line of rests are loaded with innovative features that deliver the best accuracy and performance possible. Each comes with a lifetime warranty. All made right here in the USA. Whatever style of rest you prefer, we’ve got you covered!

stabilizer | octane

I love my Octane Stabilizer! It’s the most advanced and adjustable stabilizer on the market. With its dampening material it will neutralize vibration for a noticeably smoother shot.

Eva Shockey Gen 3 Bow not for you?
Here are some of my other Pure Archery Group alternatives: 


Bows for hunting or target, youth to adult, men and women, we have it. Check out their extensive product line below and find the bow for you. Pure Archery Group truly does have a bow option for everyone! 


Compound bows not your thing? No problem, Excalibur’s Crossbow’s are FIRE. Excalibur is making crossbow history with their DUALFIRE™ TECHNOLOGY which gives you two arrows locked and loaded for double the confidence and double the opportunity. 

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Tim and I LOVE our silicone rings! They are perfect for a zillion different activities we love (working out, hunting, camping, hiking, traveling… basically everything) and I got to design my very own line of his & hers styles! 


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It took years of testing, but we finally created the Eva Shockey line of Collagen, Greens and Pre-Workout that is PERFECT to keep you energized, healthy and feeling great during your busy, everyday life and outdoors. 


because who doesn't need more energy?

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