I'm Eva

Wife, mama, author, lifestyle blogger and hype-woman for all things outdoors. I’m a Canadian living in North Carolina, raising two babies and 2 dogs out in the country with my husband, Tim.

I’ll never turn down a heavy pour of wine or a field-to-table meal. I love hosting family and friends and am a sucker for shiplap, cowboy boots and an organized space. Welcome to my life!

My travel sched has slowed down since #momlife started, but I still spend most of my time outdoors with my family.

My people--God answered all my prayers when he made me Tim’s wife and their mama!

Author of top-selling book, “Taking Aim” with a lifestyle coffee table book in the works!!

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a little about me...

time for a        quiz!


1. My name is Eva, but I mostly go by...

5. You can typically find me wearing...

A. A fancy dress
B. Something denim
C. Sweatpants all day

2. Most Sundays, you can find me...

A. Running errands
B. Out for brunch with the gals
C. At home with Tim & my babies

6. Ocean or mountains?

3. My drink of choice is...

A. Red wine
B. Margarita with salt!
C. Craft beer

4. When I'm feeling stressed, I always...

7. My favorite season is...

A. Spring
B. Summer
C. Fall

8. When it's my turn to choose the restaurant, I always choose...

frequently asked questions

How do you edit your photos on Instagram?

Do you have a promo code for ...?

How can I shop your Instagram posts?

I use the Lightroom app with my custom EVA SHOCKEY presets to make my photos cohesive and beautiful. Want your pictures to look like mine? Grab my new presets here!

YES! Well, probably. Head here to grab all of my active promo codes and shop my favorite brands!

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What is your workout routine?

What are your favorite baby/toddler products?

I am a busy body with two babies so I am always moving! I mix-up my workouts, alternating between my Peloton, barre classes, lifting weights and doing functional workouts like F45/Orange Theory. My idea workout is hiking up a mountain, but I live in the middle of NC so the mountains are tough to come by.

Head here to check out my favorite products I've used for Boone and Leni!

What are your favorite outdoor brands?

How did you & Tim meet?

Head here to read my blog post where I cover all my favorite outdoor brands!

We met in Raleigh while he was playing for the Carolina Hurricanes (the local NHL team). A year later we went on our first date, a year after that we got engaged and a year after THAT, we got married and one year later, we had Baby Leni! This love story really needs its own blog so I’ll work on that because there’s so much more to it and it’s really stinkin’ cute.

Where can I learn more about your house build?

I documented the entire process!! Click here for allllllll the blogs from start- to-finish of the building process, PLUS my on-going Home Tour, room-by-room. 

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