FAQ: All Things Outdoor

  1. Jennifer Wilson says:

    Hello! Haircare suggestions please:) most dry out my hair??

  2. Jamie says:

    I wanted to say congratulations on baby bun he is gorgeous and I wanted to offer just some advice about being able to put him down my daughter was just like that and I found that if I laid her down with a shirt that I had worn like the night before or the day before something that had my smell on it and put it next to them in their swing or in the rocker or in the the nesting place that she would lay there and and be okay as long as my shirt was next to her to where she thought that she was on me

  3. Jamie says:

    *baby Boone*

  4. Becky says:

    Do you partake In The field dressing or do you have people to do that for you?

  5. Ashley B says:

    Do you use scent free shampoo and conditioner? Or do you just follow your regular routine and use a spray that helps to eliminate human scent?! Please help a sista out, for the life of me I cannot find a scent free option that doesn’t kill my long hair, making it dry, brittle, and stringy.

    • Jennifer Wilson says:

      I’ve asked this question several times with no response. But I’ve recently found Nose Jammer and it works pretty well. Love the conditioner. The shampoo is thin and I have a lot of hair so I have to use a lot of shampoo but so far so good??

  6. Chelsea says:

    I’m going on my honeymoon in February, to Alberta.

    We’re going on a wolf hunt & I am in dire need of warm hunting clothes (boots too) suggestions & tips on staying warm!

  7. Kristi Gooch says:

    When will your new tv show My Outdoor Family air?

  8. Jenn says:

    Was there at any point that you had a feeling of feeling bad about a hunt? I know you respect the animal ! I ask cuz my boyfriend hunts but I could not I love animals and I’m not a big meat eater it actually up sets my stomach ! But, I have a respect for hunters who respects the animals and hunt ethical . Do did u ever have a moment of guilt or feel bad

  9. David Nelson says:

    I must admit I was surprised at #8. For me, hunting is so personal and intimate. It took some thought to understand, but the oh I get it, finally, settled in. Since following you, I now realize the importance of protein supliments, so right on! Stay strong and of good courage.

  10. Kels says:

    Scent control products/tips/secrets!!!

  11. Milana Wilson says:

    Have you ever hunted in Newfoundland and if so what?

  12. John Moss says:

    Hi Eva
    With you and your dad hunting in really cold climates like Canada how do y’all keep your feet warm while hunting ? Thanks

  13. Ashley Klawitter says:

    Hi there!
    I struggle with holding a gun for long periods of time while out in the woods & I don’t want it to negatively effect my hunt. With deer season coming up, I want to start preparing! Do you have any advice or tips on how I could workout differently to gain strength & prepare for this? Should I lift heavier? Or is it a matter of practicing holding my gun?
    Thanks! 🙂

  14. Tracy Woods says:

    I have to say my husband and I watch your Dad all the time ? we love hunting and all the adventure involved! I can’t choose either bow or gun? keep up the great work!!

  15. Trishia Sue says:

    What boots do you recommend for cold weather hunting? I’ve tried Muck boots and their suppose to be the best for cold weather but my toes still get so cold!! ??‍♀️

  16. Jessika says:

    What ear protection do you use? I started hunting when I was 19, now I’m 21!! But unfortunately I can’t pull enough back with a bow and my ears always ring for ever after shooting whether it be deer or waterfowl!!

  17. Huntingspro says:

    Very good advice, thanks dear

  18. Neely Bender says:

    Have you ever hunted out of a climber?

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