1. Megan Rheinhardt says:

    I have enjoyed watching your forever home progress over the years! The information you have shared regarding companies you have used has been wonderful and allowed me to become inspired with ideas of my own. Thank you for the great blogs and Instagram stories / posts!

  2. Erin Stillwell says:

    Interior paint color choices please!

  3. Leanna Williams says:

    I love everything you chose. It’s stunning! We built our forever home 4 years ago, and though the process can be stressful and feel like it’s taking FOREVER, it’s so worth it once you’re in and making it home. I am so happy for your family and look forward to reading about memories made there with your precious little family!

  4. Madison says:

    In the process of making all my decisions for building and hoping they all come together like you said! What are some of the things you wish you had done differently or recommendations for someone building? Those little details that can be forgotten.

  5. sharlean burger s says:

    beautiful home love everything about your home fireplace is beautiful

  6. kristi reed says:

    Could you tell us more about the screen you had installed on the back porch

  7. Tracy Woods says:

    Oh my? it’s gorgeous!! Congrats!! You did amazing!!! Y’all should love it?? so very happy for you and your family!

  8. Tracy Woods says:

    Gosh I left a comment. Didn’t show up ☹️ anyway.. so beautiful you and your family should love it!! Amazing work!! Stunning love a farm house look!! Congrats y’all ?

  9. Page Denny says:

    My husband and I just finished moving into our first home, a brand new Pulte build, and I’ve drawn so much inspo from your posts! It’s not as fabulous as your forever home (I’m certain OUR forever home is years down the road) but your touches and design choices have really helped me pick out some great features for this first of many houses. I’d LOVE to see more from the itty bitty’s rooms! I can’t wait to see how a Christmas tree looks in that gorgeous living room – congratulations Eva, your home is a delight for all of us!

  10. Scott says:

    Build a mini windmill over well head. You can even incorporate a dog house or something similar in the bottom of it. Build to match your house.

  11. David Nelson says:

    Wow! What an awesome home and you guys have such good taste. Just a little heads up. It usually takes about 5 years to work out all the bugs. Hmm… That may be a poor choice of words. You will have things that need to be adjusted, repaired, and modified. Oh… I can’t wait to see your choice of landscaping. Best wishes…

  12. Brynn says:

    I absolutely love everything about your house. Can you tell me what brand of black windows you used?

  13. Billy Snell says:

    Everything you’ve done is super spectacular! I think you have a good idea for the porch drop off maybe with a wooden plank step along with planters. As for the noticeable piece in the middle of the lawn, how about one of Tim’s favorite statue on top of it. Lol. That would be awesome.

  14. Jackie Cleaves says:

    Your home is so beautiful Eva!! I’m especially excited to see pictures of your beautiful walk in closet. I saw your Instagram story on it but really looking fwd to pictures. PS Boon is so cute❤️

    • Anna Bunch says:

      I am loving your new forever home! It is breathtaking! And for the hideous pipe coming out of your front yard… you should cover it with 2 large elk sculptures or Christmas trees made from antlers with some lighting! ???

  15. Randy Moore says:

    Where’s your game trophy room?

  16. Lisa Bacon says:

    My family and I lost our house in the 2017 fires in Santa Rosa, CA. My husband, dad and father in law are rebuilding us a new home. A friend saw the outside of our house and said “omg you’re building an Eva Shockey house! I love it!” I immediately looked you up! Our style is so similar! I love your ideas and will definitely use you as inspiration as we continue with the home building process! Thank you for posting everything! Every detail is much appreciated! 🙂

  17. Ellyn says:


    I loved your bedroom lamps in your Instagram give away post! Can you share where you got them 🙂


  18. Kate says:

    Please reveal your closet and kitchen (plus the two pantries). Would love all the ideas. Maybe even room by room.

  19. You have made Beautiful home ..

  20. Bobbi Jo OBrien says:

    I love the pictures and blog about your home. We are just starting to discuss building our forever home! Any chance you will be sharing the layout/floor plan? It looks amazing and would love to have it for reference.
    Keep sharing! ?

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