Camping with Kids? Read THIS!

  1. Sheryl Lardie says:

    My family camped a lot while I was growing up and some of my favorite memories are running around with my cousins at campgrounds in all kinds of weather – even winter. (We had campers). For small kids since the fire was usually going all day the parents would put an expandable gate or coral around the fire to be extra safe as people were busy and not sitting right there. We also each had our own toiletry kit for the showers and our own washcloth and towel that we put our names on with t-shirt paint. (Ideas for when kids are a little older????). When my son was a toddler I brought the pack n play for those times when both parents need to hands on with something:)

  2. Sarah says:

    What kind of bug spray do you use on your sweet kiddos? I have a 1 year old and the mosquitoes have gotten bad around our house here in Virginia this spring

  3. Nikole Mihill says:

    We love camping! So excited to add our newest addition to the tent this summer!

  4. Lacey Cravillion says:

    We love camping! I have 2 girls one 2 years old and one 9 months. People think my husband and I are crazy for bringing them camping but it’s seriously my favorite thing to do. Some days can be a lot of work and others I soak it all up and wish we could live a lifestyle that would allow us for longer weekends!

  5. Justin McCoubrey says:

    We have been taking our girls 2 and 4 a lot this year in Western NC. After the first trip we didn’t know if they liked it but after a week they asked when we were going camping again and when they played dolls inside they all pretended like they were camping and hanging around the campfire. We plan on raising them outdoors for sure. Linville Gorge in Western NC is pretty spectacular by the way. I highly recommend heading out that way. We moved to SW Virginia in February and love this area and the mountains so much. Take care and keep up the good work!

  6. Amelia says:

    I used to camp all the time as a kid. I used to camp every weekend with my grandparents and even lived with them for a year so I could camp for a full year in a tent. After my grandfather passed I’ve only took my son camping once who is 8 before I had my girls (4 yrs and 18 months). I just recently decided to start camping as of this weekend again while my husband is gone working. We live in North Dakota and is decided to camp in South Dakota by my. Rushmore. I always pack extra blankets cause you never know when you need more. Simple kid friendly food like hotdogs, bug spray that’s all natural with oils cause of the littlest one, hammocks to sit back and relax and watch the stars, chairs, a tent of course,and a couple of tarps just in case. I love camping and I truly feel I needed to see your camping post to feel better about going. Thanks Eva Shockey ????

  7. Stacey says:

    We are typically camper people, but even with that we haven’t gone because it is hard to have a safe sleep space for the baby that doesn’t take up a ton of room. My 7 month old doesn’t fit the mini pack and play anymore so we have to use a full size one. Any camping people have a good solution for a safe sleep space for baby?

    • Megan Werner says:

      Please please please let me know if anyone responds to this! I also have the same question and I feel we both have a better chance of getting an answer if there isn’t a million comments that are the same ????????

      • Audri says:

        We use the Skip Hop portable play yard when we’re on the go. Our 1 YO grew out of the normal pack n play too so this one works great for us. It folds up relatively compact and can expand to a play space where they don’t feel stuck in. I also got a play yard mattress and that helps a ton to get him to sleep. Just the small play yard mattress might be a great fit for your camper too depending on your setup.

  8. Mary Beth says:

    I loved when you said this: “With the right gear, planning, and a positive mindset, your babies should be able to come almost anywhere you go. Otherwise, how will they get used to it and learn about the world around them?!”
    This has been our parenting mindset since our little girl was born 3 years ago. We now have a 3 year old and a 1 year old (I know they would be besties with Leni and Boone). We have always taken them on adventures because we want them to know the good things in the world. We just bought a little pop up camper and can’t wait to get out there with them – although we know planning is key ???? You’re an inspiration as a parent.. the good and the hard times.. and I so appreciate that! Camp on!

  9. Matt Borchard says:

    Unfortunately haven’t been able to go camping this year due to covid lockdowns in Australia. We usually have a big camping trip at Easter on the river bank where we fish and swim. Cook on the open fire. Go on wood runs and animal scouts.

  10. Emily says:

    Both our babies have been tent camping with us since they were just a few months old. The first cried many a night, the 2nd slept perfectly. They both love it now at 2 and 4. We love trying out beautiful new and favorite places and staying for cheap! Bed idea for the toddlers who have outgrown the pack n play-this air mattress has worked great for us. AFTER we trained her to stay in it!
    Don’t be afraid to try camping with your kids. You’ll have hard moments but amazing ones too!

  11. Serena says:

    I grew up camping and being outdoors. We took our son camping at 4 weeks old and haven’t stopped. ???? He’s 3 now and absolutely loves camping. He asks almost daily, during the week, when we are going back “to a camp spot.” When he was little the rock-n-play was great to have and I loved the Moby wrap. I also had a really cool portable bathtub that folded up and made bath time a breeze. As he got older we would bring a pack-n-play with a mosquito net over it and now he brings his bike, has a basket of toys (that stays in the camper) and loves to play with sticks and rocks. I also bring his favorite snacks. We love his excitement for being outdoors.

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