How to Raise an Outdoor Enthusiast: THROWBACK Post!

  1. Heather Hunting says:

    Great advice. I can testify to always having snacks in my bag made the mistake of being a snackless mom once, never again.

  2. Melissa Mayerhofer says:

    Absolutely love this!!!. I try every day to show my children all that the outdoors has to offer.

  3. Emily B says:

    Love this! I think it’s so important to get our kids outside and to teach them about all of the awesome things that nature has to offer!

  4. Briana says:

    Oh my goodness I love this! My oldest daughter when she was 18 months old we made shed hunting a game for her and she was hooked! She ended up finding more sheds than we did! I Have some amazing pictures of this kiddo finding sheds that were bigger than her! Thank you Eva for your continued effort to share the love of the outdoors to the next generation.

  5. Shelby says:

    Totally agree with all your ideas. Thank you for another great blog Eva! 🙂

  6. Diane says:

    I love the way you write – I love the outdoors and always have been active until my caregiving duties have obstacalized lol not a word BUT I get them out to the parks with accessible wider walking trails maybe even platforms for their comfort yay ! right beside the down and dirty old time trails its one of the best state parks WE LOVE Mt Cheaha State Park the highest point in Alabama – #gottakeepmoving #gottahavefun
    Thank you Eva Shockey You all are such blessings to us every day I cannot wait to see what you have going on and learn from you and your family!

  7. samantha omdahl says:

    I really want to open an indoor outdoor archery range where I live. I want to share my love of archery with my community and give archers somewhere to practice year round. If you have any tips or advice I’d greatly appreciate it!

  8. Sydney says:

    Hi Eva!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration and sharing your experiences! I absolutely loved Taking Aim by the way ? Anyways… We live in the south as well and for us the bugs (mosquitos) ? are terrible some days ?
    What kind of bug spray do you use for Leni?


    Our little guy was a month old when he was in a snuggly on my chest. He slept while my husband ran the power saw cutting out a new trail. Hes been hooked on the outdoors ever since and gets angry when he sees us getting ready to go out and hes not yet dressed to go. Being from Nova Scotia, he is a good tough Canadian boy so he loves all temperatures too.

  10. JT Springer says:

    That is spot on the best advice for getting those kids to enjoy the outdoors. Good job !!

  11. Grace says:

    Thanks! I have an 8 month old and this blog will help me to get him to love the outdoors as much as us parents ???? I definitely will be keeping these tips in mind as he begins to walk and play more! Lol especially the snacks ????

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