Potty Training in TWO DAYS

  1. Kelsey Sloan says:

    I am currently potty training my son, he turns 2 at the beginning of August – he’s been doing very well with #2 has more accidents with #1. He pees about 20 times a day haha, they’re little pittles but he’s getting the swing on things. We just tackled week 1. I am going to make the same chart as you!!! Great idea. Thank you for the tips & way to go Leni Bow!!!! You rock sister!!! ?

  2. Megan Conatser McCollough says:

    Great read! We had great success using similar techniques. My son, who is Leni’snage got some big boy undies for Christmas, just before he turned two. He refused to wear them initially:( No bribe worked to get these cool undies on. In the same boat as Eva, baby número dos coming in August, I was determined to have only one child in diapers. So, I held my breath for 6 weeks. Not really. But, we came back at it with a new, cooler looking chonies (cue California slang for undies) and he took to them! Miracle alone! So, we ran with it. We took the opportunity to do just about what Eva and Leni did (hmmm where was Tim???)—another factor was getting husband on board and giving him the tools to help out. That was almost harder, ha.
    Like Leni, Case still has a diaper at bedtime(won’t put on a pull up) but I see an end to that in the near future!
    Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing!

  3. Sam says:

    I potty trained my little girl when she was 2 years old. I started with a potty chair and pull ups, once she got use to going I bought her underwear. I set a timer every 15 minutes and we went to the potty, we did this for 3 days straight. I used pull ups at night until she had dry diapers for a few weeks. Going on car rides is the worst, we had a few accidents after she was potty trained. It’s very time consuming and takes forever for them to get it down ( or at least for my daughter) but once’s it’s done it’s amazing. She is 4 now and if I don’t reminder to use the potty before we go to bed she sometimes has an accident. One thing I did when we went on car rides was put puppy pee pads under her car seat and on top of her car seat, saved me from having to wash it all the time.

    • Jasmine says:

      My daughter is about to turn 2 and she verbalizes pretty well for the most part but hasn’t grasped telling us when she has to go, did you wait until your daughter was aware enough to be able to tell you she had to go or no?

      • Kacie Breider says:

        I’m at that same point with my daughter right now too. I don’t know if I should start yet or wait a little longer

  4. Erin Kessler says:

    As a mom of three now teenagers potty training is a long ago thing but hopefully I can help some of you younger mamas. When my oldest was 18 months old we had our second and she was just not quite ready for potty training so I did in deed do a stint with 2 in diapers. It made it easier, long term because “baby brother wears diapers but big girls don’t”. When number two was about 3ish months old that’s when we got the potty seats and potty chair. She actually was fully night trained before she was day trained and we took a couple month but she got it pretty quick. Number 2 was another matter. We got night time down easy but he had some trouble with BMs. The main thing that helped him and later, number 3, was that we live in the country and dad could teach them to go outside and then other than some aiming practice,(try hitting a Cheerio in the toilet bowl) going inside wasn’t as hard. We tried with both boys to try sitting first but it seems to have caused more confusion and that’s when they went to the outdoor method. We also used a potty chart with stickers and rewards and we did an extra treat if we went away in undies with no accidents for awhile and a bigger reward when the whole chart was full. Number three had extra benefits of seeing his older brother and sister using potties which helped but he took his good old time about fully day training. Hopefully some of this will be helpful to someone.

  5. Jessica says:

    Great read!! My daughter is about a month older than Leni and honestly she is my second daughter and I’ve been a bit lazy on the potty training plus she is my last baby and it make me kinda sad that she is getting so big!! 🙁 But after reading this you have motivated me to get training!! Here goes nothing!!!

  6. Heather Nichols says:

    We started this the other day and got interrupted. So this was just what I needed today we have 4 days where I don’t have to leave the house this is happening. Mine is 2 1/2 she is ready.

  7. Krissy says:

    This was a great read! I am in the process of potty training my two year old grand princess I will try your advice. It’s been over 20 years since I had to potty train.

  8. Kacie Breider says:

    Thank you for this!! My daughter is a few months younger than Leni and I’m thinking next weekend is going to be potty training time! I’m scared but perfect timing with your blog! ??

  9. Juli says:

    What kind of waterproof pads did you use? This is a great idea!

  10. Marissa Wolstenholme says:

    I have a 15 month old girl and I’ve heard of some moms that had their little girl potty trained by 18 months old. I agree this would be great but I’m a working mama and Remi goes to daycare everyday so I think it would be hard to only be working with her using the potty on weekend and not durning the week. I’m loving your tips and the whole using 3 days in a row to get it done at home together focused on that. Definitely going to see how it goes and maybe when she is 2 start talking about it to her and see how she feels and if we are both ready to tackle the challenge. I will definitely be back to review these tips when the time comes!
    Thanks Eva!


  11. Christina says:

    How is pooping going? My daughter had no issue peeing. Got the hang of it immediately but pooping I feel we struggle with! Some times well go weeks without a accident then others she’ll smear her panties At this point I just clean it an don’t reward but rewarding with a tablespoon of sprinkles has been unbelievable helpful. Now just to wean off the sprinkles ???

  12. Kim says:

    I’ve been potty training for quit a while now. Before my son turned 2 he was interested bc “bubba & Daddy” did it so he picked up quickly with learning from them. We’ve mastered the pee part but number 2 we haven’t quit mastered yet and he’ll be 3 in Nov.! He did it one time a few months back but that was the only time. I loved reading your tips! As you may have heard boys are more harder to train but I’m going to try my best with these tips. I love the reward part! Thanks so much for the blog post as it’s helped bc it’s been 9 yrs since last potty trained my first. ? ??‍♀️ I’m sure you are over the moon happy about this! ???

  13. Shelly says:

    So my daughter (who is now Leni’s age) was potty trained at 2 — we did the big girl panties, fruit snack rewards, songs, dances… and she was potty trained for 2 weeks. Then….. she refused to go after an incident at Walmart where the toilet flushed on her mid-pee. She completely regressed and is back in diapers and LOVES them. We ask her when she is going to pee pee in the real potty and she says “soon,” or changes the subject. She isn’t excited about panties. When she asks for a popsicle we will say no, that she has to pee in the potty first — and she proceeds to go days and days without popsicles, one of her favorite foods on earth!

    What the heck?? I will try your bribe chart — maybe that will help! I don’t know what else to do!!!

  14. Megan says:

    Did you manage to nighttime potty train her as well? My 2.5 year old is daytime potty trained but we’re struggling with nighttime.

  15. Hope Nelson says:

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  16. Alena McSorley says:

    I am finally getting to read this post (hello back to school and back to 4-H for my big girl and my bonus kids). Here’s hoping reminding my (just turned) 3 year old red headed spit fire ((you met her in Denver back in June) is still convinced her and Leni Bowe are going to be best friends and have play dates (because NC and IA are so close…)) will be more interested in potty training for good knowing Leni is. This is so new to me, because my oldest was potty trained in a week and in panties at 15 months. My 20 month old would be already except she is so tiny I’m working on altering some to fit her.

  17. Katie Willis says:

    If my daughter (2 1/2) isn’t expressing that she needs to go potty is she not ready for training? Day 3 and I’m ready to be DONE with training

  18. Shelby Ricau says:

    Starting your tips tomorrow! My little girl will be 2 already ????. Bought all the frozen stickers, m&m’s and fun small toys. Wish me luck! Haha will update if it’s a success!

  19. George M says:

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