‘Eva Shockey’s Outdoor 101’ is HERE!

  1. Diane Tatum says:

    Can’t Wait Merry CHRISTMAS!


    looks like a great show, i will be in fl but will watch your shows . I am a follower of you, and your dad! leni bow is getting so big ,good luck with your adventures!

  3. Mark Renfroe says:

    Eva, How can I get in touch with you personally?

  4. Stephanie says:

    I was so excited to hear about your show and you were right in your first episode when you said you’re probably watching from a desk right now. I love the message you’re trying to get out too. However I have a lame question, your lip sticks/products always look SO good; which products/colors do you use or are your favorite?

  5. Madison Lee McPherson says:

    Where do you get your navy blue and baby pink solid hats from? They are so cute!

  6. Jo Ann W says:


    I love your new series! Can you tell me what brand the hiking backpack Tim uses to carry Leni? I have a little one and would like to do family hikes.


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