Gift Guide For Toddlers

  1. Sonja Heath says:

    My first granddaughter is about a year behind Miss Leni Bow, but I will definitely be getting her some of these amazing gifts over the next year. Thanks for sharing this with us, Eva!

  2. Mel Dixon says:

    That’s a great time in your life to have a young child to shop for & give presents.
    You are so right-the time sure flies. You think the child will never roll over. Then they try crawling. Then pulling up. Then riding in a “walker”.Then a few steps-unaided. Next thing you know, if you turn your back, you find them in another room, etc.
    Then comes those ride-on things with wheels.
    We raised 3 sons. And now we babysit our 4 year old granddaughter 3 days a week. She has been using cell phones & tablets for 2 years it seems like.
    Well, gotta run.
    It’s always good to read your “posts”, etc.
    Here’s hoping you & yours have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy/Healthy/Safe New Year.
    Mel D.

  3. Abbie Stanley says:

    Yasssss nugget for the win! We got one months ago because my husband couldn’t wait to give it to our little for chrismtas ? but it is a huge hit!! We even get on the floor and lay on it ?

  4. Kellie says:

    Wonderful ideas! You should do a white elephant gift guide. ?

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