My Favorite Subscription Services

  1. Sarah says:

    I recently started ordering my razors from and I will never go back! They remind me of the Venus razors, but the handle is made in a way that I can hold it pretty much anyway I want and it’s comfy. The blades are far apart so it rinses so easy, and I finally don’t have razor burn for the first time ever! You get to pick how often you want the refill blades delivered, so if you shave often you can do monthly and if you don’t then you can do every couple months. My favorite part is they are SO AFFORDABLE!!! I think it’s crazy how expensive something so essential is, so I’m glad to have found a more cost effective opportunity! Thank you for all of your guidance!! You are truly and inspiration!

  2. Kristi Crowson says:

    Can you give more your list of favorites from Thrive Market?? I look but get lost amid all of the choices and end up emptying my cart after wondering if I will ever eat or use it all.

  3. Mary says:

    Just got my second order of Butcherbox today! I love it !

  4. Julia Weller says:

    What is the wine that you have posted before that you purchase by the case? Is it on Thrive?? Thanks!!

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