How to Prepare for Hunting Season NOW!

  1. I’m so ready for hunting season
    And ready to get prepared

  2. Candace says:

    Love this! Right on point. I am scouting a new spot right now,placed cameras last week. Plan to set up stand in next 2 weeks. Have had cameras up for 2 months in a regular location to see changes from previous year. Can’t argue with staying fit! As a woman dragging a 100lb doe back to the truck and loading her yourself, you gotta stay fit! Always call for help with anything bigger!! ????

  3. Eddie Austin says:

    That’s me fall has done caught me off guard .I have been shooting my bow but I haven’t put out a camera or really got prepared for this deer season. But hey I’m getting on it today lol.And I hope yall have a great season and get some great bucks .And bnb I always enjoy your videos and messages. Take care and I hope yall have a great evening. Keep up the great work.

  4. Blueyz says:

    So I’ve hunted with my previous bf for the last few years but now going off on my own so needing to regather binoculars and range finder….etc…. what are your best suggestions?

  5. Tracy MacDonald says:

    We make sure we have the following items are in our packs , about 1-2 weeks before hunting season starts, ( they stay in there, so we can just add the snacks and drinks later!!, as soon as we buy our hunting tags we put them in our packs in a zip lock bag, we always make sure we have some basic things like flagging tape, range finder, head lamp, xtra batteries, cell charger, flash light, gloves, face mask, hair bands(for me), cough candies, the ones that are suppose to make your breath scent free, they almost taste like dirt, cant remember the brand???? also throw in a protein bar or two. These items stay in our packs for the whole season.

  6. Nathan">alert("hej") says:


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