The Lowdown on Leni’s Learning

  1. Bee Rob says:

    Hi Eva! I can appreciate how busy and challenging it is keeping a toddler challenged/stimulated while taking care of a baby (my little man is nearly 2.5 and my angel girl is turning 1).

    My hubby and folks roll their eyes at me all the time because I am super picky with toys and activities for our kids (I’m an Occupational Therapist, lets blame it on that). I firmly believe in functionality when it comes to toys – is it allowing them to work on their gross/fine motor skills and eye hand coordination, is it an activity that will translate to an every day life skill (like dressing, cooking, holding a pencil, drawing/pre-writing, scissor skills, etc.), is it allowing them to practice what they see so they can make sense of the world (I.e. dressing up, dolls, play sets like tool benches and kitchenettes, etc.), and the all important, is it developing their sensory processing skills – hello outside, the mother of all sensory play!

    What I often tell people when they are shopping for my kids is that what appears to be the most basic/dull toy on the shelf is often what kids need most (puzzles, books, crayons, blocks, balls, etc.). The bells and whistles lose their lustre all too quickly, and often get forgotten in a corner because the “game is set” and there’s not much room left for imagination!

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