Leni’s First (Easter) Hunt

  1. Great post! I really enjoy reading about your life as a fellow outdoors mom! I blog as well, and would love for you to check it out and offer feedback as well!

    • Brooke says:

      Good morning EVA, I was wondering in the Easter bunny post when you took leni to see the Easter bunny you have this really cute deer blouse on with flowers could you please let me know where you got that from. Thx absolutely love following you thank you for sharing everything with us have a great day, Brooke

      • Eva Shockey says:

        Good morning, Brooke! I have not been able to find it again online since I purchased it, but it’s from a company called ‘show me your mumu’. Maybe you’ll have better luck! Thanks so much for following!

  2. Diane says:

    Love the way you write
    Your Easter with Leni was so sweet and precious! I love to watch her dance to this little light of mine! Thank you for sharing your Joy with us!

  3. Haley says:

    I love how you color coordinated all the goodies in her Easter Basket!! Too cute!

  4. Maria Peterson says:

    You are both adorable! Happy Easter! My kids are a little older (4 and 18 months) so my son got to do a scavenger hunt with pictures while his little sister ran around like a wild woman. Since he can’t read there was a picture in each egg that led him to the next location (truck, slide, garden, etc). Then at the end their Easter baskets were waiting on them. I’m so glad you started your blog!

  5. Sam says:

    My daughter is 3 years old and I like to go out the day before Easter and plant jelly beans with her. Then before she wakes in the morning I go out and put suckers where we planted the jelly beans. She enjoys it, something to try next year with her.

  6. Elisha Bray says:

    I love the things you do with Leni. My mama hid some eggs for my sister, my cousin, my husband and I to find. Even though I’m 27 it was still so fun to do an egg hunt. We go camping every year for Easter so the “hunts” can get tricky. My dad and Uncle usually set up trenches on a steep heel for us all to roll eggs down. Then when they start breaking you eat it. Aside from that is just hanging out with family and enjoying the fresh mountain air. Oh we also dye the eggs in mamas trailer. There is usually go big mess afterward.

  7. Ivey says:

    Love your blog! Love getting to see y’alls easter, thanks for sharing!

  8. Megan McCollough says:

    Fun read! Case, who is 14 days Leni’s junior, loves his belly button, saying: uh oh, mama, dada, momieeeee, GO, quack quack (loves blowing his duck call), Ollie, and babbling like crazy. Love seeing all the simulators from a cutie his age.

  9. Ursula Brady says:

    Absolutely precious photos!!

  10. Karli White says:

    Loving your blog already! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Tasha says:

    Caffeinated Butterfly!!! Ahhh haha I’m so using this, describes my little one perfectly too. We just started a new tradition of homemade pizza on the Traeger for Easter day. That way momma isn’t stuck in the kitchen all day cooking and we get to spend every moment as a family.

  12. Heather says:

    “The attention span of a caffeinated butterfly” I am dying with that line. That is a perfect reference to the attention span of a little kid in a stimulating situation. Love the blog.

  13. Wanda says:

    Hi Eva and Leni!
    It’s so great to read about your new adventures as a mom. I have been a step-mom for 11 Years, so i have a 13yr old as well as a 6 and 3 year old. All girls! I can assure you her energy will never slow down. It’s truly a blessing to have healthy kids. This year for Easter our 13 yr old helped me stuff plastic eggs with little treats and hide them around our home, starting from their bedroom doors with a bucket to put them in as soon as they woke. The trail of eggs, some in plain sight and others hidden well. Led them to a large decorated area with coloured plastic grass, covered with new spring outfits, bubbles, a T-ball set and nail polish. They spent the entire day playing. 😉

  14. Karla says:

    Super cute! Love how you coordinated the colours! Leni is a doll. Our Easter tradition is for our kids, ( Annalise-5, Logan-4 and Brooklyn-18 months) to find their basket and then hunt down all the treats in the house. There’s usually lots of snow still on the ground so we keep it indoors for the first part of the morning. This year Brooklyn was able to get in more on the action and she loved it, and it was wonderful to see her siblings help her. Afterwards we head to my mother-in-laws to gather with all my husbands siblings, cousins and their kids to have breakfast and do an outside Easter egg hunt for the kids, and scavenger hunt for the adults. It’s always so much fun!

  15. Mariah Palmer says:

    That is absolutely adorable! Since my little girl is only 4 months old we just played with the confetti in our basket. Haha. Being a new mom as well I love your blogs! Happy 1st Easter Leni Bow!!

  16. Kathy Pring says:

    As we navigate our lives with little ones it is magical to say the least!Dont get me wrong it’s not always fairy dust and sparkling sprinkles!Every child deserves the beauty of nature and joy!Thank you for allowing us to view a beautiful upbringing! I look forward to your posts!

  17. Britney Cannon says:

    We have done resurrection eggs (ours are from Hobby Lobby) the last few years with our kiddos and they love it in lieu of a bed time story. We usually start it a few weeks before Easter. It’s so sweet to hear them begin to understand the true story of Easter. Leni would be a great age to begin doing it next year, I just paraphrase the story for the younger kids because their attention spans are so short.

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