My Favorite Baby Items

  1. Jessie says:

    Did you use carriers at all and if so which one did you find was more comfortable for you and Leni ?
    Oh I wish I knew about the stroller/car seat with my first born, it would have saved so much loading and unloading of strollers!

    • Eva Shockey says:

      Hi Jessie,

      I really didn’t use carriers (due to the fact that I have a bad back and didn’t want to risk it!), so I can’t speak much on that – sorry! Thanks for following!


  2. Teslie says:

    This is so great! Expecting our first in november and I’ve all ready been in the crazy research mode. Thank you!

  3. Shelbey Loeffler says:

    I have some of these items on my baby registry. I ll have to look up the other items I don’t have on my registry because I am excpecting my first August 15th! We are having a little girl, Elliott.

  4. K. Coluzxi says:

    Totally agree about the diaper bag/backpack!! We had a shoulder bag with my first and now have switched to a backpack. Wish I would have known with baby #1 and saved myself a headache.

  5. Morgan says:

    Thank you SO much for this list! Did you have any issues with your formula mixing well in the brezza? Which formula were you using because I cannot find one that does not clump. Agh!

  6. Briana says:

    This is great! Thank you Eva! I am a mom of a two year old and a 2 month old. By far my favorite baby necessities are ALL the muslin blankets, they are so versatile for swaddling, burp rag, play mat.. etc. the other item if you are nursing is the Boppy pillow!

  7. Amelia says:

    Eva i am a mom of two kiddos (6yrs boy & 2yrs girl & currently pregnant) even after doing it once i found it never gets easier but you do pick up on new things to help for the next one. I have to agree some things are for sure needed and somethings you question your self why i get this. I have definitely gotta say some things you have used i love. It definitely helps and pays off doing lots of research. and a huge thank you for allowing us to feel like apart of you and your family life.

  8. Melissa Sergent says:

    Loved this, thank you!!

  9. Amber Boos says:

    My daughter loved her dock a tot as well she has the giraffe one. I Hope for my next baby I’m really wanting that stroller and car seat combo.

  10. Katelyn Brannen says:

    Ive never read anything more true in my life! There are so many things baby related to choose from and it can be so overwhelming for first time mommas–at least I know it was for me. So having a list like this for new moms is so helpful. Something that I consider a “must have” that is similar to the Dock-a-Tot, is the Snuggle Me bed. It was literally like my bible for baby products. I wouldn’t have survived the first four months without it. You are such an inspiration and I love following your life! Keep doing what your doing and standing for what you believe in. Andddd, last but not least, Leni is the most adorable little girl I’ve ever seen. You and Tim sure know how to grow em’!

  11. Deanna Otstot says:

    Hi Eva,

    Thank you so much for putting this list together ❤️. We are expecting our first in December ?. I wanted to know what baby monitor do you use? I’d like to get one with a screen and I think I’ve seen a few of your IG posts with yours. You truely are an inspiration, thank you for all that you do ❤️

    – Deanna Otstot

  12. Amanda Saul says:

    I wish I could post a picture here we just found out today we are having a little girl. We used my eva shockey bow to do it! We chose the name Clara Gail. Thank you for this list.

  13. Tiffany says:

    So helpful to hear parent recommendations! Where are your favorite places to shop for Leni’s clothes?

  14. Danielle says:

    What baby monitors do you use??

  15. Kaycee says:

    What is the baby monitor that you have? I love that you can see the baby on your end of things while being in a different room.

    Also, what is the name of “wagon” that you can push or pull that you have as well?

  16. Emily Mix says:


    I know youve mentioned several times that you used Babywise to sleep train Leni. Is there any way you could possibly do a blog about your personal experiences using this method or just go more in depth about the struggles/successes of this sleep training method? i know it works differently for every child. Thanks!

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