5 FREE Gift Ideas for Mama’s Day!

  1. Donise Raper says:

    Love these ideas, I will share with my kids! I will add hang Mom’s new storm door to the list !! Love the pic of your family, great mom’s !

  2. Jennifer says:

    Soon as in like, later today or soon as in, maybe next Friday? ?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh! And I stick to the simple things. I lost my Mamma in 2010. I’m blessed to be a Mommy myself but find Mother’s Day a bit bittersweet. Luckily I have the best Mom In Law a girl could ask for so I like doing something cute and simple for her!! ?

  4. Phyllis Meyer says:

    These are wonderful reminders of what a Mom truly wants! Thank you for sharing! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  5. Paula A Oldham says:

    Eva ~ You have wonderful ideas! First of all, the picture with Leni ~ her little roly-poly knees are completely adorable! Also, just being with my family is the best gift for me. I lost my Mama in 1998, my Daddy and Nonna in 2011 and my late husband in 2012. So my two grown children and two grandchildren, and their significant others, and another grandbaby on the way are even more precious to me than usual. I wish you an amazing Mother’s Day, enjoy every minute. I’m so happy you have another blessing on the way. God bless you and your beautiful family always!

  6. Louise Shockey says:

    No words can describe the love a Mother can have for her children, a gift from the Heavens!

    Happy Mother’s Day Darling Daughter, you are living fully the special gift of Motherhood, it is one of the deepest loves one can experience, you do this so well!

    Love you to the moon and back, so proud of who you have become, keep being the best you can be my love!!!! ???

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