How I Keep Track of Baby #2

  1. Emma Coleman says:

    This sounds super cool! Birthday Cintrolis super bad for you so I’ve been wanting to get off it but want a Super sure way not to get preggo and track my windows so I know when to be super causrious. I wonder if this would be a good option for that too?! The hormones in BC really real havoc on the body.

  2. Tiffany Kimbrell says:

    Awe! ? so excited for you and your family! Thanks for sharing such cool products with us!

  3. Beka Garris says:

    Love these photos of you and Leni!

  4. This is awesome! I’m already out of the zone of baby making… but, we got pregnant at 40 , now our son, Dakota Ray is 14! It goes fast! I’m curious, would the Ava tracker assist with hormone changes in post menopausal ladies?? Just curious! Hope you find my message amongst the 468965 others, love y’all and Papa Jim , can’t forget Weezy! Love to all! (Guess you rub off on me)???

  5. Charlene Parkes says:

    Eva, I to struggled for years with infertility and have done many treatments till we learned that we were not only fighting it on my side but also my husband. After finding this out we still went through treatments with out success. We never got to IVF , we made the choice to stop the treatments due to the affects of the medication. This was the hardest decision that I every had to make.

    No one knows the struggles of what infertility is like unless they have gone throught it themesevels the countless tears that are cried. The ones that’ comes with every pregnancy announcement or failed treatment.

    The two good things that came out of my infertility journey was that I have made some wonderful friends that where going through this the same thing I also found my way to God.

  6. Angie Collins says:

    Thank you Eva for sharing your journey. There are many women dealing with the same struggles. God Bless you and your growing family.

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