Friday Finds: Fitness Products for Her

  1. Dee Faust says:

    Would love to see a Friday Finds on skin/body care, makeup, beauty related procedures and clothing for all events. I love all your post but Friday Finds are so fun!!

  2. David Nelson says:

    It’s great to hear you, Eva, singing the praises of the foam roll. It’s the best fitness tool I’ve ever come across. Busting up muscle for growth and getting then to release to relieve pain are just some of the benefits.Keeping major joints loose especially hips and shoulders will make you feel like a kid again. P.S. like the scrunchie’s too, although, the bun is a lot easier for us fellas. wink, wink…. hehehe….

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  6. Chezlynn says:

    Do you have a peloton code?

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