Gardening Hacks for a Green Thumb

  1. Fallon says:

    Hoe your garden, it’s loosens the soil and gives the vegetables oxygen!!

    You can also put straw around the plants instead of mulch, does the same thjng.

    Watering in morning and evening are best.

    Good luck!!

  2. Emma says:

    Wow I didn’t know about the tea thing I’ll have to try that on my squash

  3. Michelle sander s says:

    If you are planting jalapeños. My dad learned a trick a few years ago. He’s 72 and has the most amazing garden at their cabin, raised beds he built last year. And he brought soil from a place cows have pooped for years and it’s apparently awesome soil. BUT. If you want hot jalapeños, you have to turn the water OFF of them at a certain point for a week or two. We tested it, it works. Hottest jalapeños ever and I canned a bunch and people can’t get enough of them. I’d send you pics of his garden but my pics never seem to get to you. Also, lemon cucumbers are the best tasting cucumbers and I swear most people don’t know what they are

  4. Jim Ashley says:

    Have your soil tested by your County Agents to see you soil ph and what admendments would help . Then apply these this fall to hel next years garden. I’ve been your biggest fan forever !

  5. Carl Robb says:

    Gardening goes hand in hand with hunting and fishing. I mentioned that to you once before. Look how your Dad and Mom garden, Have you ever noticed how store bought has very little taste? Make a compost bin in your yard. Dry out and grind up those bones from hunting for bone-meal. Make sure you rotate out and rejuvenate areas after several years of use. We have 7 different beds throughout the property and one or 2 sit fallow every year. Try to obtain a black barrel. Put lawn clippings and leaves in it, add water and let it rot several weeks. Add that to fallow beds and till in. The rotting and heat kills all the weed seeds and starts the break-down process.

  6. Kristen Taylor says:

    I’m learning more and more each year we get to plant and learning what’s compatible and what’s not. Our whole family enjoys the garden.

  7. Richard Smith says:

    I’m in the process of building my wife a greenhouse. It is facing North and South. Can’t wait to finish it up and get it sealed to start growing fresh Vegetables year round here in the North West Panhandle of Florida. So far we have had a good yield of veggies straight off our back patio! Good luck Eva!

  8. Madison says:

    Tip for watering: think of it like baking a cake. If you stick a finger in the soil and there’s no soil on it when you remove your finger, it doesn’t need watered. But, if you pull your finger out and it’s covered in dry soil, it’s time to be watered. Under watered is better than over watered.

    Also, when you do start to cook with your herbs, they will be a lot stronger than most you buy at the store. So when measuring them out, keep that in mind. Furthermore, if you have/get a dehydrator (sometimes you can do it in the oven – like with garlic), you can dehydrate the leaves and then you have dried seasonings to add as well as fresh herbs.

  9. Danielle says:

    If you’re planting mint, you might want to consider a planter box over putting in the garden, it spreads quite rapidly and will choke your other plants out! Have fun!!

  10. Hi Eva! Your post is so admirable because I have been trying to learn how to prepare a garden for the last 2-3 months. But after seeing your blog, now I feel that I found the treasure. The tips you have given like, use the right soil and keep critters away are so effective in growing a garden.

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