1. Laura Pelullo says:

    Eva, I have to say your taste on pointe.!! Your home build has been such an inspiration to our future house project. Out of curiosity what is the sq footage, beds, baths, rooms? We also are wondering what your budget was and if you were able to stay under it from excavation to wall paint.. not to be intrusive but we just want to get an idea if it is possible to get a comparable final product as this masterpiece you created within our budget.

    • Eva Shockey says:

      Square footage is right around 5600 sq ft… 4000 on the main floor and then 1600ish upstairs. 3 full baths, 2 half-baths. 4 bedrooms and a few other rooms (2 offices, a playroom) and 2 living-rooms. We did not stay under our budget, nope. I’m fairly sure that’s impossible once you start the build process… they always say to add an extra 10%+ to your budget for unexpected overages. We experienced a lot of weather delays and a handful of other budget-breaker situations throughout the process since it was a custom build out in the country.. lots of unknowns!

    • George hilbish says:

      Aside from liking you for your show and your dad, you have a great house. Keep up the great work. You are inspiring to both men and women. I just wish I could get my 20 year old daughter to hunt!

  2. Nicole Knopp says:

    I have been waiting for this for soooooo long! Now I have references to show the hubby eek! Even though I show him your stories daily I aspire to have a house like this! We have children the same age and refer to Boone as my little Whalens cyber buddy! Thank you so much for the inspiration and guidance daily! We look forward to more! Blessings Eva!

  3. Christine says:

    Beautiful home! What type of wood is on the floor?

  4. Amanda says:

    Beautiful home with so much great inspiration! What sizes are the canisters in your main bar? I’m trying to use it for reference to order in my own kitchen. I can’t tell if the larger one might be 96 oz or 1.5 gallon. ? Thanks!

  5. Bailee O’Rork says:

    AHHHH I have been so excited for this, and everything you chose to
    Go into your home is so beautiful! We may be building a pole barn home soon, and it gives me great ideas!! Thank you for sharing it with us Eva!

  6. Just simply beautiful and inviting! I cannot wait to see more of the house that I’ve been *patiently* waiting for! I also love that you added links to a few of your favorite pieces you’ve included in the room. Now we know where to go for inspiration! 🙂

  7. Brynn Beideman says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am obsessed with your homestyle. We will be building in the next couple years and I already have my floor plan, but your details are for sure going to be incorporated. Can your aunt come north and decorate a home in Delaware?? Thanks for sharing and I CAN NOT wait to see more. Id love to see the family room/kitchen/foyer next since I feel like majority of your IG stories are there 🙂

  8. Logan says:

    It turned out beautiful!! Cannot wait to see the rest of the house! Silly question.. but what’s your favorite wine to stock in your bar? Love a good red & I always see you drinking red on your stories.

    • Dawn says:

      Fellow “Red Wine-o” here!!

      I’ve been stuck in a rut on buying what I know and like so I was looking for other ideas, too. I sort of mini-stalked her story one day and took screenshots to figure this out. She gets Toscano wine from Thrive Market and in one story she had J. Lohr wine in her cabinet. I like J. Lohr but I haven’t bought the other one from Thrive yet!

  9. Renee says:

    We are starting to build our house this summer in the Yukon (Whitehorse) and your style is serious inspiration! The windows in your living room inspired our design, as we are waiting for our final copy of plans!
    Do you have a trophy room in your house for all your mounts?
    We’ve decided to make our garage/rec room into a trophy room. Hopefully it will be big enough for all those Yukon Moose!

  10. Sherry Liguori says:

    spectacular! i think that sums it up! LOL

  11. Tricia says:

    Can you show us your dishwasher in the kitchen?! It looks likes it’s just a cabinet! I’d love to see the inside of it! Your house is goals!

  12. Chrystal says:

    Can you post where you got the spice drawer organizer?

  13. Tracy Woods says:

    Wow? absolutely gorgeous! I think its just so wonderful that you shared this with us? I do love the sliding doors! All of it just beautiful!

  14. Dayna DeMarest says:

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this but I have too… I love love love your house, your content and your little fam! I’m a bow hunter, a wife, a dog mom (shout out piper) and your content from your pictures, videos but especially your writing is fantastic. Your writing makes me feel like I’m there and youre telling me all about your bar so thank you!! You also make me laugh when your comments like – photo credit goes to MEEEE HAHAHAHAH 😉 I love it. Thank you for allowing us into your home, family and life!

  15. Melissa kamp says:

    Hi Eva!! Boy oh boy you have amazing taste!! I thank you so much for all you share, so inspirational!! Since you love wine, what is a great red wine that isnt too bitter nor too sweet, I seem to like cabaret sauvignon, naturally the brand I love is 110 a bottle is not reasonable for everyday drinking, any suggestions???

  16. Kyla Estrumse says:

    Your house is just so beautiful!!! It’s my own inspiration for my husband and baby on the way house. I love how it’s modern yet country. I bet parties are going to be fun at your place. Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Niki says:

    Would you consider posting your blueprints? Would love to see the layout that way and actual room sizes.
    Very beautiful.

  18. Nicole From BC says:

    Thank you for posting! Can’t wait to see more. We’re currently building our dream home so I’ll take all the inspo I can! I love your contemporary farmhouse style. So cozy and inviting.

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