The Gear You Need for Hunting Season This Year

  1. Kristin Rose says:

    Good morning Eva,
    You are an inspiration to all outdoors-wo-men. I have been trying to find the best scent eliminating shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I need them to be good for sensitive skin and won’t leave my hair and skin dry.
    Can you provide me your recommendations?
    Kind regards,
    Northern MN Whitetail Bowhuntress

  2. Stephanie Talley says:

    I’m hunting in cold weather, what is your go to light weight but keeps you good a toasty pants and Jacket?

  3. Gretchen Ramsey says:

    Hey, Eva!

    Thank you for these suggestions! How about base layer options?

    Thank you and best of luck this season!????????

  4. Marissa says:

    Thank you for the suggestions Eva. Any preference on socks?

  5. Britnea Toot says:

    Hi Eva! I just purchased a 2020 Eva Shockey Bowtech bow… what broadheads do you use? I’m shooting at 50 pounds currently but am having an issue with my current slick tricks not flying accurately.

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