Small Businesses That I LOVE!

  1. Little buck is a small shop, Canadian made baby/kids and adult hats they are amazing! They are also about to release a clothing line! Check them out!

  2. Amanda Moore says:

    Thanks so much for posting!! I love all the stuff you post!! One thing I would love to know is where you get your white tshirts!! They look like they fit so well!!

  3. Bailey Williams says:

    Love this! We try our best to shop small/local when we can. A few of my favorites are Inspiration Overload, Whippoorwill Charm, and Clara Jane and Jax!
    All three are on Facebook and Whippoorwill Charm also has a website

  4. Ashley says:

    Your necklace with the kids initials… I must have one!! Lol

  5. Kristen Taylor says:

    Thanks for posting. Excited to check these out!

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