15 Minute Wild Game Chili

  1. David Muench says:

    Your recipe sounds really good except for the adding of the large onion and the spinach you may have those not me. Everything else sounds and looks very delicious.

  2. TAYLOR CARR says:

    Hey Eva! How many servings does this yield? We are doing chili for my daughters 1st birthday and I need to know how many times to double the ingredients for the amount of people we are having! 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Susan Hunter says:

    I got Tim to eat a grilled Vidalia once and maybe he was just being nice but he did eat it and said he didn’t hate it. I knew he didn’t like them but convinced him to give it a try.

  4. Robert Jennings says:

    Sorry, beans are not a chili ingredient.

  5. Becky Scott says:

    I made this chili last week and everyone said it was the best they have EVER had! Thank you for including it in your book!

  6. Beth says:

    Sounds delicious! We have ground venison always handy, but I’ve never tried putting white beans in our chili. Excited to try it!

  7. Shawna Bacon says:

    I just made your chili recipe and it is DELICIOUS! I used elk and instead of cumin I used coriander (I didn’t have any cumin but thought I did). My picky eater little girls and husband also loved it! They even went back for seconds ?. Thank you for the recipe, I will be using this one again!

  8. Amanda says:

    Can you be more specific with the can sizes please?

  9. Sarah Cummings says:

    Yummy!! I love spicy foods and this one is so easy to prepare!

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  11. Tracy woods says:

    This is the only way to eat ! I swear it taste so much better:) thank you eve:)

  12. David Nelson says:

    Yum!!! Chili is wintertime’s pizza:)

  13. Krystle Bean says:

    Soo delicious! Do you ever stick this in the slow cooker to cook for the day? Thank you 🙂

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