Friday Finds: Hunting Season

  1. Jane Crouse says:

    Do you have any recommendations for a good comfortable hunting boot with good support?

  2. Treska Pitre Guitard says:

    Hey Eva!
    Any tips and tricks for meal preps to bring out into the field during hunts? We are getting ready for Moose Hunting here in New-Brunswick, Canada which is coming up very soon YAY! and I’m trying to find different meals ready to go in the great outdoors as well as quick snacks. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating my lunch sandwich at 9am after scouting since dawn and having nothing but snack left for the rest of the day, but you can only eat so many sandwiches in one week! I need meals that need little to no cooking and that can be eaten on the tail gate of a truck. Sandwiches, Pizza, anndd that’s all I got!

    Thanks for you time,

    Treska 🙂

    • Rachel says:

      Luna bars, tuna packs, dried fruit, trail mix, bell pepper slices, cucumbers are my favorite out on the trail, an occasional burrito is delicious as well. Leftover steak for sandwiches is so yummy, leftover bacon as well. Thai chicken wraps with peanut sauce fresh greens and chicken on a jalapeño tortilla is yummy. Also turkey, yams and red onions with thyme garlic salt wrapped in a tortilla is delicious. I cook for my husband and his hunters a lot and these are my favorites. Remember not to cut your carbs too much if you’re out there in the high country you’ll burn out!

  3. AvaLynn says:

    Thank you Eva for your lists and suggestions!!! I am 59 yr old female and have hunted for the majority of my life. I was diagnosed with MS 15 yrs ago but I’ve continued my hunting! I’ve had to make significant changes and ask for more help and have guides and husband to help carry my gear and help me in my tree stands or blinds. I also use hunting to keep myself motivated to exercise and keep in best condition I can with MS. I asked one day how long Hubs will be willing to carry my gear (and His) and he said, as long as I want to hunt he’d carry ME and all the gear to a stand or to the top of any mountain if necessary. I’ve always hunted with older more traditional rifles (wood) but this year to help maybe with cutting down the distance on stalks etc. Hubby bought me the Daniel Defense Delta 5 , 6.5 Creedmore and that gun is amazing, second time shooting and I had a clover leaf on the bulls eye!( I’ve always shot.308 and no kick at all with the 6.5) It’s a little heavier(remember I don’t carry it) but I use the Trigger stick or the Death Grip! So, Thank You once again for what you do for our sport and our lifestyle, I know it’s not for all but through you I hope that people will understand a little. Also, the fact that you also include God in all is wonderful! Now let the hunting begin and hope that in October I have that Mule Deer in sight! Wishing you and your beautiful family of four the best!

  4. Electra Price says:

    I’ve have been doing so much research on the ‘perfect’ hunting blind. Is there any recommendation for one that you suggest?

  5. Jami says:

    Hi Eva,

    Same goes with hunting pants, what are your fav go-to pair? Not too thick, not too thin, water resistant, quiet pants. I have been struggling since 18 (now 38) to find a pair that I like & fits. I feel like all the pants run very baggy. Also, when do you think you will expose Leni to going on a hunting trip with you. Our kids are the same age.



  6. Alexandra says:


    What flashlight do you use for night hunting? Also, what neck cover do you use that can also go over your nose (I don’t know what they are called)?

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