FAQ’s: A Roundup

  1. Kaylyn says:

    Hi Eva! Good luck with all your big life changes in the upcoming months! ❤️ Question- what is the baby gear rental service you used while in Hawaii?

  2. Brandie says:

    Do you have recipes for when you use the greens in a smoothie?

  3. Jennifer Gsell-VanAlstyne says:

    Hi Eva!!
    I am having the HARDEST time finding women’s small thin camo water-proof gloves for Spring/Fall turkey hunts. Cabelas, Gander, and BassPro didn’t have any. In the rain I’m dry head to toe except soaking wet hands/gloves on my shotgun. Not good. Any suggestions?
    Thank you so much!!

  4. Ashley Mulliniks says:

    I see that you use a learning app for Leni I couldn’t remember what it is called. I wanted to tell you that there is another good one called tiny tap. My daughter is two and she loves it! It is very very educational! Also you are an amazing person! Wish we could go on a hunt together!!

  5. Robert Lindsay says:

    would u recommend any MTN ops products for a diabetic

  6. Cassidy Austin says:

    Will you have any more bedding lines with cabelas?!

  7. KaeLeigh says:

    We just had our first baby boy and named him Easton. It’s a little different but not too far out there and everyone says they love how southern it sounds. Naming babies can be so hard! Good luck finding a name for your new little one, and congratulations!!

  8. I’m finally the mommy of a now 1-month-old little girl (we already have a little boy), can we get a blog just about Leni’s clothes? I need to know where to find the cute stuff for this baby! ??

  9. Hi Eva!
    I was wondering if you could do a blog that talks about your college days? I am currently attending college and love the outdoors, but it is hard to keep a balance when the demands of homework come first. I would love any advice you have for a young girl in college!


  10. Emilie says:

    So exciting Eva! We are building a house and also hope to move in when September arrives!

  11. Estelle says:

    Hi Eva,
    I have a passion for the outdoors just like you! I look up to you so much and love your strive and lookout on life! You are so beautiful, and you have the most beautiful family as well! I was wondering if possibly sometime you could do a makeup tutorial – or a get ready with me? Keep doing the amazing things you do!

  12. Jessica says:

    Hey Eva,
    Can you make a Highlights section on Instagram for all of your partnership codes?

  13. Casey Holland says:

    Hi Eva,
    What mascara do you use?? Your lashes always look fabulous!
    I’m due with our 2nd (a boy) in August and can ONLY think of more girls names ?? . The struggle is real.

  14. Alix says:

    Fletcher! Such a cool name with so much history.

  15. Stephanie L. says:

    You could always do a Tim Jr or II, my brother is Samuel Edmund II. I have always loved the name Daniel Henry! If we had a boy, we have 2 girls, we were going to name him William Leo. Some other favorite boy names of mine are: Matthew, Samuel (as a middle as this is my dad and brother’s first), Adam, David and Elliott. Good luck on picking his name, and congratulations on having a son! I’m super jealous, I’ve always wanted boys. God definitely has a sense of humor as He gave me two girls ??

  16. Cayla says:

    Me and my husband are both hunters and outdoor people. We have always used the GoPro for all of our outdoor adventures. However since the battery life is short. I was wondering what Camera or video systems you use or recommend?

  17. Sarah Beth says:

    Name suggestion: Lawson James Brent ?

  18. […] again with Tim/Leni/Baby boy/any combination of them. I get asked this question a LOT (I compiled a FAQ blog to address even more questions I’m asked frequently, and the answers to them!!) and it’s super […]

  19. Kristi Durrance says:

    I like unusual names… my husband’s name is Rafe and my sons are Case and Latt. I also liked the name Tye when we were thinking of names.
    Good luck & best wishes!

  20. Randi says:

    The lip color you use!! I’m not a huge lipstick person but they always look awesome and almost natural

  21. Kate says:

    Hi Eva! Life can be so demanding & hectic at times, and it can be difficult to find time to fit in workouts to get into shape for hunting season. What are your ‘go to’ workouts?

  22. […] lots of messages asking similar questions about baby and toddler stuff I decided to make another FAQ dedicated to just […]

  23. Meridith says:

    What is the baby products you use from Walgreens? Do you have a code for them too?

  24. Allison says:

    Ok…don’t laugh but what fingernail polish are you wearing in most of your videos? Is it white or a pale pink?

  25. Jessica Thomason says:

    How do you get your eyebrows so perfect??

  26. Morgan says:

    Can you give up a insta tour on the furniture pieces you are keeping for the new house?! Always seeing your new items but want to see what you are saving also!

  27. Mandy Smith says:

    What is the foundation you use? I have pretty bad melasma as well and your foundation looks flawless. Also, what did you say your fav drive flow car was?

  28. JuliAnn F. says:

    Your eyelashes are EVERYTHING. please spill all your secrets on those curled, lush beauties!! 🙂 #lashgoals

  29. Alexa says:

    Can you do a video tutorial on your mom buns with the scrunchies please ?❤️

  30. Payton Schultz says:

    Hi Eva! I was wondering what your recommendations were on the best type of arrows to use with your Eva shockey bow? Thank you 🙂

  31. Destiny Mendoza says:

    What app do you use for Leni Bow on the tablet? I have a 18mo old and going to be flying on our first flight with him! Thinking the app will help keep him distracted and busy

  32. Faryn Russenberger says:

    Where is this vest from???

  33. Olivia says:

    You’ve been wearing this super cute vest in your posts lately and I’ve decided I NEED it! Is it a Bass Pro find or another brand?! Thank you ?

  34. Allie says:

    Hi Eva! What CC cream do you use? I saw it in your must haves for the hospital bag and that’s what I’m preparing right now!

  35. Kelly says:

    Hi Eva! I would love to know your skin routine/ everyday makeup routine. Your skin is friggin glowing it is unreal beautiful!! I’m on a mission to have good skin and I can only Google “best skin care” products so many times!! Love your blog. Writing from Vancouver Island

  36. Katy Ulmer says:

    I’ve looked through your blog and post looking for the kid safe make up line for little girls that you’ve mentioned. I can’t find it. Would love to have it for my mini!

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