My Favorite Places in the World

  1. Marissa says:

    I’ve only ever hunted in Alberta. So anywhere would be amazing. Me and my husband have a dream to hunt some red stag in New Zealand someday.

  2. George Hilbish says:

    Born and raised here in NC outside of Charlotte. Watched a lot change but still think we are one of the best states and of course, it is in THE SOUTH.
    Just bought a small 100 acre farm in Anson County with a cabin and planning on making it a hunter’s heaven along with Richardson Creek that runs through it for fly fishing for brim and crawdad trapping.
    NC’s coast is second to non and your right, our mountains are beautiful.
    You asked about a bucket list. Well, I’m deciding on New Zealand for a tahr hunt or a bear hunt in Hyde County NC for this year. There’s also hunting in Europe (lived in Germany for a couple years) and then y’all killed me with the family trip to Hawaii!! Been there a couple times but never to hunt. That would be awesome.
    So much living to do and so little time…….you’re lucky. You’re young.

    George H.

    • Billy Ray Snell says:

      I’ve always imagined the beauty of the outback of Australia, but I’ll just have to settle for the Colorado mountain’s and snow covered peaks in the winter. I’ve been Germany and visited lucerne Switzerland! Its nothing short of breath taking as well.

  3. Dena says:

    My boyfriend and I always say that when we get married we want to go out west hunting for our honeymoon. We’ve both have been hunting since we were kids and have only ever hunted in our home state of VT and would love to broaden our horizons!

  4. David Nelson says:

    Another intriguing article Eva. I’m always looking for new places to explore. For me, the place I would most likely visit in the near future is Vancouver Island. Work and life keeps me busy, but Vancouver Island is definitely possible. The very best to you and your family.

  5. Husband and I are currently searching for the perfect lake community to move too! Would love suggestions!

  6. Courtney Fox says:

    You so perfectly summarized what it is to enjoy the Master’s handiwork… and I don’t feel any more connected to the Great Creator, my husband, or the world around me than I do standing, knee deep in the Madison River in Montana tantalizing a gorgeous brown trout with a well crafted dry fly. I have fly fished besided grazing herds of elk in scenes you just can’t plan let alone imagine… beauty unspeakable that just connects to your heart in the purest way imaginable. A trip I have taken numerous times to a place that will always hold my heart captive.
    Beyond the trout waters of Montana, there is no place like home! You again epitomized my home as you described NC as serene, pure, and peaceful. I find these attributes refreshed within my soul each time I step outdoors here whether it is chasing trout or turkeys, bear or deer, farming or just letting my sense taking in the morning. These Blue Ridge Mountains never cease to amaze me as God’s creation takes centerstage in new ways every moment in every adventure that has become my love for the outdoors.
    If you haven’t experienced either place with your family, you need to tack both to the top of the travel list immediately. They are exquisite… and offer so much for the outdoor enthusiasts.

  7. Kristen Dawn Beggs says:

    Which outfitter do you recommend in New Zealand. We are trying to book a red stag hunt soon.

  8. Ceej says:

    Namibia for sure. We hunted mountain zebra with Profesional Hunter John Wambach. We’ve also been to other African countries but Namibia was the BEST EVER. After our hunt, we spent 10 days on a personal guided tour with John who has 2 advanced degrees and was encyclopedic in his knowledge of everything Namibia. In fact, we were there when your dad was therein 2015.

  9. Bri says:

    I have to say I completely agree with your comment about Jackson Hole. Me and my boyfriend took a road trip about a month ago and went through there. The area is beautiful and it would be so fun to see all it has to offer. I want to go back. My boyfriend is a fishing guide in Sitka, Alaska and got me to fish for my first time ever this summer and I LOVED it – now he’s starting to work on the hunting part :). But Alaska is a beautiful place and fishing in the Pacific Ocean for salmon and Halibut is such an amazing experience! Plus Sitka is the cutest little town with the best scenery! I’d love to see what the rest of the beautiful state has to offer, even though the locals who have been to other places say Sitka is the best!!

  10. MPaul Hansen says:

    Your best places blog rightly noted fiords in NZ. My traveler friends would also add the fiords of British Columbia/Alaska panhandle plus Norway. But each to his/her own. . . .

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