Hospital Packing List: What to Bring for Baby

  1. Melissa Mayerhofer says:

    Congrats mama!!!! Your going to be great- Can’t wait to see the little guy and see what you are naming him. Best of luck to your little family.

  2. Stephanie Oosterhof says:

    Congrats!! So exciting I am currently 39weeks 1 day waiting the arrival of our first baby!!! (Gender unknown) such an exciting time!!!

  3. Celsey says:

    We are in the waiting game too! Baby should be here the end of September. I’ve been compiling my list of items to pack as I’ve seen yours published.

  4. Laura says:

    Congratulations Eva! I can’t wait to see your adorable baby boy!… I’m also getting induced Thursday morning, Aug 22nd but with my fourth baby! And it’s a girl!! Sounds like our bags our similar except for all the bows I need! Lol

  5. Diane Tatum says:

    Praying for YOU and baby! Looking forward to ALL your posts coming up!
    Ever heard of the link came in my friend’s Baby Tea invitation where she is registered. God bless YOU! I know you are ready to get that little one here ❤

  6. Diane Tatum says:

    God bless you and you little one! I know you are ready to get him here! Looking forward to ALL your posts. I received an invitation for my friend’s baby’s tea and she’s registered at ..ever heard of them.
    May God fill your heart with wonder on your due date or before❤??☝

  7. Lynn says:

    Any police, fire station or ems base will make sure your car seat is probably installes

  8. Pam says:

    Snack! Don’t forget the snacks! Healthy and easy snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated like pretzels, cheerios but also have something sweet like licorice or candies. This is especially important if you have a c section or can’t get in/out of bed easily. Also good to keep up calorie count when breastfeeding! Good luck! Instacart those snacks!

  9. Amanda Glasgow says:

    Thanks for another fun baby post Eva! You are such a great mama! I’m currently 25 weeks and have really enjoyed all your baby tips and suggestions.

  10. Jody says:

    Playing the waiting game too over here! 33 weeks and counting with our first so exciting!!! Fall is not such a great time to have a little one especially since snow is coming early this year they say. Eeekkkkk!
    Congratulations on your new arrival beautiful baby boy!!

  11. Melanie says:

    Did you use the weighted swaddle as soon as baby was born and just for nighttime or for naps as well

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