My Go-To Protein Iced Coffee

  1. Whitney Young says:

    Can’t wait to try this!! A good tip for iced coffee is to have some frozen coffee cubes in the freezer, so it doesn’t water down when it’s melting – if you’re chasing toddlers this is a lifesaver… or, coffee saver at least.

  2. Lael Orvold says:

    It’s not MTN OPS, but 1st Phorm makes a pumpkin spice latte flavour that’s amazing in coffee, and ends up being cheaper than my Starbucks addiction plus I have the extra protein in the morning!

  3. Heather Hunting says:

    This sounds amazing! I’ll have to try it soon, it makes my regular coffee sound like a bowl of sugar (which is what my husband calls it). Also if I miss place it I wouldn’t have to dump it down the drain from it getting cold (happens a lot).

  4. Val B. says:

    Do you ever have discount codes for MTN OPS? It’s kind of pricey for someone who would only want to use it in smoothies/coffees and has never tried it. I’ve spent the money on other protein powders in the past only to have them taste terrible and gritty even in smoothies. I love your recipes! Keep them coming ?

  5. Jessika says:

    Can you use Ammo instead of Magnum? (I need the extra fruits and veggies ?) Thank you Eva! ?

  6. Liv says:

    Hi Eva, how do you keep your shakes from having the chalky/gritty taste to them? I can’t stand to drink something that has that texture.

    Thanks, Liv

  7. Jennifer says:

    Can’t wait to try! I have never used MNT OPS – but I’m considering trying it! Thanks Eva!

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  9. Kristin V says:

    Hi Eva! Could we use your egg whites for this instead of the magnum?

    P.S. I love your blog, you are an amazing woman and such an inspiration! I really admire you and look up to you 🙂 Thanks for all these great tips. I enjoy learning your hacks girl!

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  12. Mary says:

    Thanks for the idea of using the Mountain Ops in ice coffee l use it in my first cup in the morning. Keep those ideas coming enjoy hearing about them .

  13. Kathy says:

    Any mtnops codes? Wanting to order for my first time and try the greens and collagen!!

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