Protein Pancakes with the New EVA Protein Powder

  1. Lisa Prater says:

    Good morning Eva!!! I would love to see more recipes of all!!! It’s a struggle to eat healthy and stay fit so it’s so nice to see what is working for other moms out there. Do you have a recipe book with what you eat on a daily basis to stay thin along with what workouts work for you. I don’t have social media other then Snapchat so it’s so nice to keep up with you on your blog! Thank you and love what your doing !

  2. Cassandra says:

    I make something but I will be sure to give this a try! ? I LOVE these healthy, easy recipes. Some dinner options would be great! That’s when I want to binge on carbs the most ?. You are truly and inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Emilie Rowe says:

      Me and my other half have made these and they are awesome!!

      Just to say we absolutely LOVE your MTN OPS range (especially the Collagen Peptides!) Please share more of your recipes using these products!!

      With lots of love from Canada!

  3. Calley Clover says:

    Eva – I am so excited to try these products out! Especially the egg white protein – thank you! As for the recipes I’d love to see how you utilize all three of these products day-to-day. I’m a smoothie fiend so smoothie recipes are always appreciated.

  4. […] to keep sugar levels up during those midnight hours. If you’re extra fancy, you can prep some protein pancakes and you’ll get allllll the hospital cred! Mamas are usually allowed to suck on hard candy […]

  5. Alexa Hodges says:

    I’ve tried this recipe! Mine don’t look like yours! It’s more like a egg white pancake and rubbery… any tips?!

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