Why We LOVE North Carolina

  1. Robin white says:

    So glad you chose this wonderful place. We feel the same way. Settled here for retirement in Hillsborough 3 years ago. Have 2 beautiful lake home on Hyco lake close by. Love to fish and hunt. Paradise !! Goid luck with baby number 2. Leni is adorable and growing up so fast. But they do that so enjoy it all. If you ever want to get up to Hyco reach out and I’ll see if the bourses are rented. If they are not. Have at it.

  2. Khrissa Williams says:

    North Carolina is my home state. I grew up just outside of Charlotte and miss it so much! Although I live in Murrells Inlet, SC now, I’m just a short 4 hours away from home plus live at the beach so win/ win 🙂

    Leni is so adorable. I have a 20 month old son named Luke and I think he and Leni look a lot a like! I’ve been following your journey to baby #2 and am praying for you guys!

    PS. Love your beach hat with the orange scarf- could you share where it’s from? Thanks!

    • Sheila Atchison says:

      We just moved to coastal ENC from Louisville, KY and absolutely LOVE it!!! After years of depression, I randomly decided to move our entire family 700 miles just to be close to the beach! Lol! I think it worked out nicely ❤️
      By the way, your sweet Leni reminds me sooooo much of our 2nd daughter when she was that age, and it’s so fun to watch her! My little blonde stinker is now 16! Have fun!!

  3. Nikki Greer says:

    I was born and raised in the foothills about 30 minutes from Boone and 4-5 hours from the beach. I have been to all of our surrounding states and a few others. They are all beautiful in their own way, but nowhere I’ve been compares to my home state of North Carolina! I love reading your blogs, keep them coming!

  4. Jennifer says:

    So glad you guys ❤️ NC!! I was born and raised in Apex (Chatham Co. side) and still live within walking distance to Jordan Lake. You are right, NC is a beautiful place to live, work, and raise a family! If you ever need advice on good schools for when your daughter starts, I can tell you our experiences and which ones we have loved for our children. Best wishes for baby #2!

    • Amanda says:

      We are moving our family to North Carolina in March of 2021. Coming from California, we are just so ready for a change and live the outdoors lifestyle. I have family there and they love it. Could you please recommend good schools? Thank you

  5. My family wants to go on vacation soon, and we’re thinking about going to North Carolina. Your article had some great information about why this state is so great, and I liked how you said that the climate is really nice, and snow is pretty rare. We’re not big fans of snow, so we’ll keep this in mind when considering visiting North Carolina.

  6. Beth says:

    The few times I’ve visited NC, I loved it!!! BRP in the fall is the most majestic site I’ve ever beheld on earth! Deets on your dress in the pic of you and Tim at the winery, please?

  7. Kelsey says:

    I lived in Raleigh for 5 years, absolutely LOVED it. Go to Duplin winery on your way to the beach sometime. Super small town but my goodness is the wine amazing

  8. Crystal Helms says:

    I’ve lived in NC my entire life. Our state is a treasure! I’m not much of a mountain person but when it’s time to get a Christmas tree, we hit the road. Boone has some of the best tree farms. Then after the dogwoods bloom in the spring, it’s time to hit the sand in our 4×4 & catch us a meal or two. We no longer hunt due to personal tragedy in our family but we’re hoping to get back to that soon. I still dream of taking down my first turkey. Maybe one day. I’m so glad you chose NC. Now one of the people I admire the most calls my home their home!

    • Erin Wegener says:

      I am using this as a bible, thank you!! I move to Chapel Hill next week completely alone so there was great places mentioned I’m excited to explorer.

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  14. Beth Whitehurst says:

    We LOVE NC ! This is where I grew up. We can be in the mountains hiking the Linville Falls in just 4.5 hours OR we can drive 2 hrs to the beach. NC is just perfect ! It is definitely foodies paradise. We have the best BBQ and fresh seafood ! ?

  15. Rachelle Fowler says:

    It’s so beautiful there but a bit too warm for me! I hope to visit Vancouver one day! Northern Michigan is pure heaven for us!

    Enjoy your new home! I absolutely love it!

  16. Natalie says:

    Born and raised in Northern Alberta! Leaving and building our dream home on Vancouver Island! I can’t deal with the cold weather anymore!! We went to the museum last summer, we loved it!

  17. Ed Doyle says:

    My brother lives in Greensboro and loves it. He’s in the newspaper business but works at martainsville va. Send m a message back and I’ll see if he can do a story on you and your adventure.

  18. Michele says:

    We just came back from NC from a soccer tournament. I am from a beautiful state Colorado but can no longer afford to live here. Everything you said about NC is true! Who da thought. Thanks for great info. I am planning on moving.

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