Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

  1. Annie Curtis says:

    I recently started following you on social media and your blog and I just wanted to let you know how much I love all of you stuff and admire you! I know you are already super busy but you should look in to writing a cook book! I am a new mamma and also come from a family of hunters, I love your take on healthy eating and how to feed little ones while still being healthy.

  2. Shelby Spence says:

    Wow! I assumed that making cake pops was a lot more complicated thank that but i guess not. Thank you Eva for sharing this! Im going ro try this!

  3. Kayla Olague says:

    I love cake pops, I used to work at a donut shop and I invented donut pops! Leftover plain donuts with glaze made the exact same way as regular pops, SO good! My favorite sweet is my homemade cream filled cupcakes, they are a labor of love, but delicious. I would love to see another cute Easter treat, I have been eyeballing this Easter chocolate bark on Pinterest or those cute pops that look like bunny butts are adorable.

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