1. Janean says:

    Thank you thank you, I was not sure where I could pick up Eva’s Collagen Peptides at. I’m so glad that you put this on the list!! I’m also wondering where have you got your lazy Susan at, that you have in your house?? So excited to place my order cannot wait!!

  2. Nichole Boyce says:

    Eva you are such an inspiration to us fellow female huntress ❤️ Have yet to purchase or read your book ? but definitely #1 on my list for this winter! Love your new show! Leni and Boone are the absolute CUTEST ???
    Best Wishes and God Bless ❤️???

  3. Adina says:

    My wishlist is the wooden bowl. I love everything out of wood. My cutting boards and etc. I’m a fan of wooden stuff.

  4. Heather Mason says:

    I absolutely love your lists! Being a mom of two little boys, my self care definitely lacks. Going to have to look into getting some of these gifts. Hope you & your family have a blessed & Merry Christmas!

  5. Shanann Caven says:

    Hello Eva, I have written to you before about being a first time bow hunter and which bow is the best choice for women. I keep going back to the ES bow you designed as being the best choice. The only problem is why did you guys have to put such a large price tag on this great product? I know you pay for what you get and that to some that price does not seem like much but to someone on disability it seems huge 🙂 I have a great love for the outdoors since childhood as my family vacations were always camping trips and we cut wood for heat. Growing up in Oregon I have been an outdoor girl all my life and I rifle hunted for most of it but due to some disabilities I am now a bow hunter. Is there any bow giveaways coming up that I can enter or do you know of any? I have started saving for that ES bow of yours and you can bet your pantaloons that I will find a way to get it one day. Thank you and God Bless.

  6. David L. Nelson says:

    Hi Eva, thanks for the excellent gift ideas. I caught S1 E4 of your show, and I really liked it. Keep up the amazing creativity in showcasing our hunting and outdoor lifestyles.

  7. John Barlick says:

    What would you suggest for a woman interested in the outdoors but absolutely new to it?

  8. Jordan Murray says:

    Hey Eva! This might be a dumb question but can men use your mtn ops collegen as well?

  9. yneedcouk says:

    Hope you & your family have a blessed & Merry Christmas!

  10. Frank and Susie Penner says:

    I wish you guys a merry Christmas From my family to yours

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