3 Ingredient Beer Can Chicken

  1. David L. Nelson says:

    Hey Eva, are you laughing, because they made you put on those oven mitts. Lol… I’ve heard about this entrée, but I’ve never tried it. Now there is no reason not to, because you made it look delicious and your easy to follow instructions Yum!

  2. Robert Gate says:

    Look so delicious chicken, Eva…

  3. Rocky Smith says:

    It’s very impressive share

  4. Steven Riley says:

    I have done this many times also good substatuitng a can of country time lemonade for the beer makes a good lemony chicken dish

  5. I’ve made beer can chicken numerous times. It’s a hit with everyone. We have a local farmer that we get our chickens from. Delicious! Thank god for these small, family farms. Fresh meat always. I grow my own veggies and hunt most of our meat supply. Nothing better!! Love seeing your recipes for wild game! Keep them coming!!

  6. Nisha Batel says:

    This is very helpful.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Varun Sharma says:

    This is very helpful.Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very useful information. Thank a lot for such a amazing post..

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