Home Build Update: All Things Exterior

  1. Donise Raper says:

    Love those doors !! They would be incredible! Oh and the black framing on your doors and windows, is my dream too ! Everything is perfect, just my style !! I enjoy your posts and including the names of the company’s your purchasing products ! I can’t wait to see who you find for your shower doors ! I have been in love with the modern farmhouse design and love the timber frame accents you have added to your home! Can’t wait to see your dining room table and chairs ! Such a big statement in any home ! Enjoying your posts! My daughter’s as well !!

  2. Louise Shockey says:

    Looking gorgeous Eva, what a superb and functional design, it is almost done!! ♥️

  3. Sarah Delorme says:

    Love your house build updates, keep them coming mama! I am living vicariously through your build and great outdoor living space is also my dream. Thank you for the link to Phantom Screens, looks like they sell in Canada too! We’re currently researching options

  4. Paula Gotdon says:

    Love the house and especially the doors , know you will be glad to move in also. Thank you for the update and waiting for next update

  5. Taylor C says:

    I absolutely love your guyses house build updates! My husband and I are going to be building our forever home within the next year or two, and it’s so exciting getting to see the process before hand! Your home is/is going to be BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

  6. Anita says:

    Hi Just gorgeous.. I say stain the ceiling beams as you are saying you have not decided.. The Drive through carport I just love We are going to do that if we build a house .. from our view of the photo of it ..the posts that hold the roof up look very thin .. are you guys still covering those .. to make look chunkier ???

  7. David Nelson says:

    Hello Eva, it’s great to hear that the house is coming along as planned and your having fun with it. I had to delete my second social media account, instagram, because it was causing to much havoc in my life, so I only get these emails to follow along with your program. I enjoy watching you father on the ODC, and wish the very best for you and your family. Best wishes…

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