My Go-To Archery Gear

  1. Kelly Long says:

    I own an ES Series bow from your first generation and LOVE it but always want to know what stabilizer you have?

  2. Herschel Kitchens says:

    That is a nice Bow we mostly Bowfish have several bows rigged with my inventions for bowfishing along with a series of stainless arrows , rigged a triangle bow that shoots nice also a Hoyt Ignite have a laser on it!! we are always looking for Gator Gars in the Red River!!

    • Daniela @ The Classic Vintage says:

      Hi Eva,
      I’m new to archery and would have loved to start with your increduble bow but unfortunately wasn’t able to get one .The ES truefire release was easy to find and it fits me great.
      After a lot of research I finally got the Diamond Knockout bow which is designed by women too :)) and will start soon.
      Since I’m a bloody beginner , my drawweight is low :)) What kind of exercises would you recommend ? (Maybe another bog post?)
      What is the size of the block target , please ?
      Thank you :))

      • Sam Vansantvoord says:

        Pull your bow back every day and hold it for at least 30 seconds, increasing a bit more evryday. Practice drawing but not firing(never dry fire always bring the string back slowly). Target shoot a lot but don’t overdo it – stop before you get sore, increase the amount of arrows by 3 or so until you can shoot 12 or more in succession. Start your routine minimum 3 months prior to hunting season, or all year long to keep muscle. Obviously start with whatever draw weight you can handle and every few weeks increase the weight by 5 pounds (or more if you are able) until you are legal draw weight or better.

        There’s not a lot of specific exercises, but starting small and working up with your bow will get those muscles built up.

  3. Samantha Omdahl says:

    Can you blog about what you wear on really cold hunts or ice fishing?

  4. Leann says:

    I am going to forward your post to my husband for gift ideas! 🙂 I currently shoot a youth PSE because I’m just a little over 5 foot, but soon enough, our kids are going to need a bow. And I think Mommy should be the one to get a new set-up, right?!

  5. Addie B says:

    My 6 year old daughter has been expressing an interest in archery. Do you have any beginner gear suggestions and tips to get her started? Thanks!

  6. Amber Dawson says:

    Hi Eva! Been shooting your Bowtech for the past 2 years and love it! Was wondering what case you store yours in? My bow case needs a remodel!

  7. Tiffany Loman says:

    Hey Eva,

    Can you talk about the arrows a bit? What arrows do you use? Carbon, aluminum, Size, shaft weight? Did you find you needed to switch arrows going from 48lbs to 54lbs? I am shooting 48lbs with a 500 7.3 arrow. I am trying to get stronger and increase lbs but should I except to buy new arrows? Could you also touch on the Accubow? Thoughts?

    Love your thoughts and opinions!


  8. Brittany says:

    Do you know where I can purchase your bow? I’ve been looking everywhere for it!

  9. Brian TaraBori says:

    What rest are you using?

  10. Jessica says:

    I love my ES Signature Series bow. By far the lightest and fastest bow I have ever shot! What stabilizer and quiver do you use?

  11. Susie Cowles says:

    Hey Eva, I was wondering if you could blog about what scent control shampoos and conditioners you use. I know myself that what I use doesn’t always take away the smelly good stuff and what about other hair products like moose or hairspray? Thanks!

  12. Jada Aycock says:

    I received my ES Trufire release for my birthday this past July and I LOVE it. It’s super light weight and comfortable. I feel so confident when shooting so I can’t wait to officially make my first bow kill with it. My fiancé and I actually use Block targets as well, we love them! Seems like they last forever. Really enjoyed this blog post!!

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi Eva,
    I’m interested in starting archery for hunting purposes, but am a complete newbie. What bow/gear would you recommend for a beginner who isn’t ready to spend a large sum of money until they are more experienced?


  14. Angie Jackola says:

    Absolutely love your release! I’m upgrading my sight and stabilizer and wanted to know what stabilizer you use?

  15. Thanks for gives point to point tips on the archery.

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