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HOME TOUR: Leni’s Room

  1. Adara Brueck says:

    Epic swooning going on over here!!

  2. Savannah says:

    Why don’t you have any toys? Or at least pictures of toys? Why does it seem like showing any toys or kid related things (like a Frozen poster) etc. is taboo in your home? Also, just curious if you’re ever going to let her decorate her own room as she gets older?

    • Eva Shockey says:

      Leni has plentttty of toys, but not in her room… otherwise she would never sleep. She’s three, so at this stage letting her decorate her own room seems extremely unnecessary but I’m sure she will someday!

      • Jordan says:

        Lovvvee what you did with Leni’s room! I’m sure she will be able to grow into it! Love the style of your house I am pro shiplap everything!!!!

  3. Marsha Raley says:

    Beautiful big girl bedroom…it is very warm, cozy and will grow with her.

  4. Christy Tucker says:

    I Love her room. She’s a lucky little girl

  5. Macayla Clements says:

    Adore this room!! So much inspiration for my sweet girls big girl room that we will soon have to put together (all heartstrings are being tugged on) . Also, noticed how stinking cute her clothes are, where do you shop for most of her clothes? (She rocks all the vest,just like her mama!) Cant wait to see ethier your room or Boones! Love all the inspiration.

  6. Velvet Bliss says:

    Were the floral antlers the inspiration for the decorative pillow on the bed or vice versa? Was the pillow custom printed as well as the four pictures hanging on the wall? Love the gingham checks!!

    • Eva Shockey says:

      I made the antler crown on the euro mount and then I decorated most of the other stuff based on that because I love the deer antlers so much! I bought Etsy prints and put them into frames from Hobby Lobby. The pillow was from a boutique in Raleigh but I’m sure you could find a similar one on Etsy or amazon!

  7. Sherry Liguori says:

    it’s so simple yet so incredible. from the decorating to that gorgeous walk in closet! can you adopt me please???? i can be Mimi Sherry when Nana Weezy isn’t around. LOL

  8. Shanda Henry says:

    I absolutely love Lenis room and everything about it! I would like to know how you put the flowers in the mount. Did you just tuck them in there or did you glue it some how? I actually have a euro mount of a buck I killed while pregnant with my little girl as well and It is in her room but I never thought about the flowers. That would definitely add to her room and I just simply love it!
    I would love to see your master room or your living room next! Your farmhouse decor is giving me great ideas for our home????

  9. Marissa says:

    Love Love Love
    Big fan of the antlers, we did this in our nursery didnt know if we were having a girl or not but I love the idea of adding flowers when we move Remi to her big girl room in a few months ( scary )
    Also, never thought of the no toys so she isnt distracted. I knew I was going to have to take her books out of her room or a book shelf high up so she cant reach them but never thought of the toys. Definitely going to use that when we move her over.
    Thanks Eva – loving all the post

  10. Andrea Nikolic says:

    Thats so amazing! How did you do the antler, did you just randomly hot glue flowers to the skull?

    Just FYI: the California closets link leads to Sherwin Williams!

  11. Katie says:

    So cute! Im in love with all the shiplap! I agree with no toys otherwise they wont sleep I have 2 girls and they have books in their room and thats it. Although 1 is still in a crib. We have a play room for that purpose! Just curious does Leni get her own bathroom? Or will she share with Boone? My girls will be sharing!

  12. Kristy says:

    Love her room it is so pretty!!! and she is so adorable I only have boys !!! But love all the girly things . I have always liked my boys to have a designated area for their toys and it was never a problem they were very spoiled happy and loved we had a what was called a toy room sometimes they would bring them out in the living room or kitchen but we put them back after they were done ! You have a nice family and a nice home ????

  13. Hannah says:

    Oh I love this!! Such a sweet adorable room for the most perfect little princess ???? I absolutely love how you decorate!

  14. Angie says:

    Looove Leni’s room! So cozy! Do you mind sharing where you had the little name sign in her closet made?

  15. Ashley Friess says:

    I love her room! It is perfect for her to grow with! Are you going to be coming out with another bedding set sometime?! I love the ones you have done already just never got the chance to purchase before they sold out..

  16. Lauren McFadden says:

    I love the furniture and all of the thought and planning you put into everything. Leni clearly loves her room after watching your stories and Im sure she will appreciate the walk-in closet as she grows up!
    You asked for advice about watching them grow up and the best tip Ive received is to take lots of pictures (which you obviously do ????) but also to go one step further and print out the pictures every so often and write a funny quote or memory of what was happening in the photo so that they can go back and see who they were. I keep mine in a little box that my son will hopefully go through one day ????.
    My husband and I live in Nunavut with our two boys (2.5 yrs and 8 months) and I started following you for the hunting content but our lives seem to have aligned in terms of family planning so Ive enjoyed all of your baby content as well!! Keep it coming ????

  17. Brie Harrington says:

    I love this!!!!

  18. Allison Kusak says:

    Hi Eva! Yalls house is absolutely beautiful! I saw on your fb stories that amazing armoire in Lenis room. Can you PLEASE share where that is from! ???? thanks so much!

  19. Lorraine says:

    Love it, everything is perfect. I love the floor and shiplap, great inspiration for my spare room????

  20. Nikki says:

    Leni’s bedroom is ADORABLE!!!! Love all the decor and choices you made! I totally agree…no toys in the bedroom or no sleeping! It’s SO nice to have a space to contain all the toys as well! I’d love to see your bedroom next!
    P.S. The California Closest link actually leads to Sherwin Williams. 🙂

  21. Emily says:

    Where did you find your interior door handles?

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